This are our past events

The Belgian ESPON contact organized a Workshop (Belgische beleidsmakers die onderzoeksvoorstellen indienen voor het ESPON 2020-programma) on 22 November 2017 in the Virginie Lovelinggebouw (Gent).
The focus of the workshop was how to apply research proposels. It informed local and regional policy maker about the possiblities of the program and it wanted to share local and regional territorial issues with the ESPON-community.
Please find the presentations of the speakers below:

This is the report of the workshop.

The report and annex of the infoday on SMEs and regional airports (19 June 2017, Li├Ęge) is available . You can also find the PowerPoint presentations on the SME project, the ADES report, the regional airports and the ESPON calls.

The Belgian ESPON contact organized an information day and workshop on the ESPON 2020-programme, that took place on Monday 16 January 2017 in the Ellipse building in Brussels. You can find the programme through the following links: dutch, french and english.

During this meeting, we provided information on the outline, activities, open calls and results of the ESPON programme. In the workshop, we discussed what the most important spatial policy challenges are in Belgium .

You can find the presentations below:

  1. Implementation of the ESPON 2020 corporation program (Anneloes van Noordt, Ruimte Vlaanderen, MC member ESPON)
  2. Introduction BECP (Luuk Boelens, Ghent University, ESPON Belgian contact point)
  3. ESPON tools (Barbara Tempels, Ghent University and Vrije Universiteit Brussel, ESPON Belgian contact point)
  4. SPIMA Project. Added-value for Brussels-Capital Region (Alfredo Corbalan, Perspective Brussels)
  5. Spatial dynamics and strategic planning in metropolitan areas - SPIMA (Vanya Simeonova, Wageningen Environmental Research Alterra)

This is the report of the roundtables.